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Total Hockey AAA 2011 Tryouts

By HHA, 09/16/10, 12:25PM CDT


Total Hockey 2011 AAA Tryouts

Total Hockey AAA is for the serious hockey player looking for the complete AAA off- season development program that includes 2 AAA Tournaments and 50 + Hours of Development Training. 

Total Hockey AAA Teams will be coached and all on-ice and off-ice practices will be led by Dean Talafous, Pete Talafous, and other qualified coaches in the area.

Go to our website to SIGN UP for Tryouts or for Program Information!




How does Total Hockey's AAA program differ from other AAA programs. Other programs talk a lot about the players they have recruited and all the games they win in tournaments. To them the goal is to win games. They use this to attract other players to their program. At Total Hockey – Hudson we do understand the importance of teaching players what it takes to win. However we also understand that learning to win is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing the player. Our backgrounds and experience in player development has taught us that you need a comprehensive system of development laid out beforehand that incorporates both on-ice & off – ice training along with the games to successfully develop a player. Along with a proven system it is also important to have experienced developmental coaches’ work with all the players each and every day so the required continuity is always present. We encourage you to consider our program as we are confident that our proven Player Development System will make a real difference in your personal development.